Eight Is Enough

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Eight Is Enough

Most of us who grew up in the 70's remember watching the television show called "Eight is Enough" and at the time we probably wondered if it is really possible for two parents to raise that many kids in real life.

Well, now we can find out by watching two real parents, Jon & Kate Gosselin, face the day-to-day challenges of raising a brood that size which consists of a set of sextuplets who just celebrated their fifth birthday and their fraternal twin siblings. After their first appearance in a one-hour special entitled "Surviving Sextuplets and Twins", their reality show, "Jon & Kate Plus Eight", has become one of the highest rated programs on TLC. The show premieres on May 25th for yet another season about the Gosselin family. Tune in on Monday nights for a real life version of "Eight is Enough".



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