The "Heartbreak" Diet and Exercise Plan

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The "Heartbreak" Diet and Exercise Plan

After breaking up with her fiance earlier this year, CSI: Miami's Eva LaRue didn't drown her sorrows in boxes of chocolate or bowls of ice cream instead she got herself on a new diet and fitness plan and ended up meeting another love in the process who happens to be a triathlete.

With her new fitness routine, Eva has managed to lose 20 pounds and is now back down to the same weight she was in her twenties. She was able to get in shape by mixing up her workouts while doing cardio and weights about 3 days a week and taking a Pilates class in between. She also enjoys taking Argentine tango lessons and going horseback riding with her daughter, Kaya, whom she shares with her ex husband, John Callahan.

As for her diet she finds that her body responds better when she doesn't combine carbs and protein and instead eats more protein and vegetables and cuts out most bread and pasta. And she tries to eat a nutrition bar betweens meals to curb the urge to graze and overeat. She admits it isn't always easy saying no to some of her favorites such as Mexican food so she will just have a small portion to satisfy her cravings. Eva also makes sure that she stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to flush everything out.

Eva has certainly used her heartbreak to her advantage and is now on the right track to good health and happiness.



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