Long-Distance Celebrity Couple In Reality Show

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Long-Distance Celebrity Couple In Reality Show

Former Apprentice star Bill Rancic and E! Entertainment Correspondent Giuliana Rancic have agreed to do a reality TV show for the Style Network entitled, "Giuliana & Bill" which premieres on August 5th. The couple first met in 2004 when she interviewed him after he became the winner of the first season of Donald Trump's reality series. They previously starred in a Style episode "Marry Me In Capri" which featured the planning and preparations they went through before their wedding day in September 2007.

Their new reality series will feature the Rancics as they balance their careers and love life while they live apart in between her home in Los Angeles and his in Chicago. Cameras will follow them as he navigates million-dollar real estate deals and she interviews celebrities on the red carpet while in between their careers they manage to keep in touch with phone calls and long-distance flights.

Bill and Giuliana insist that this show will focus on the positive aspect of married life.



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