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Nicole's Maternity Line

Nicole Richie who is expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Joel Madden, is expanding her fashion empire to include a maternity clothing line. She has teamed up with "Pea In A Pod" which is a well-known fashion label for expectant women to create as well as model the clothing.

"(When you're pregnant), you really feel like you have to change your whole wardrobe. And that's the last thing a woman wants to go through. So I really tried to make this line to get women excited about wearing clothes," says Nicole.


Hollywood Mom Pens Her First Book

After giving birth to her first bundle of joy, Nancy O'Dell, the co-host of Access Hollywood, has put pen to paper and written her first book entitled, "Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant". While pregnant with her daughter, Ashby Grace, whom she shares with her husband, Keith Zubchevich, she realized how little she knew abut pregnancy and motherhood and found herself seeking the advice of other Hollywood Moms who shared their experiences with her. In her book, Nancy openly talks about her own experiences in motherhood starting with pre-conception to after delivery. She also shares how she struggled with the basics of breastfeeding until someone showed her the correct way to do it.

This book is a great companion for first time expectant mothers who need some reassurance from another mother who has gone through the experience of motherhood.


Body After Baby

When you see Brooke Burke in a bikini it is hard to believe that she could have actually been pregnant four times and still look like that. She claims her secret to her incredible "body after baby" is wrapping her post pregnancy tummy which she "takes no credit for the concept", but has perfected it and knows that it works and from the looks of it, it is pretty obvious. It is believed that the wrap reduces water retention in the belly while helping you lose inches fast as well as supporting your unwanted baby skin. Brooke recommends wearing the wrap known as Tauts for forty days after your baby is born. They are available for sale on her website www.babooshbaby.com which she launched in 2007, an online store which features a specialty line of must-have items for expectant moms.

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