The Two "Kings" of the Music World - Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson

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The Two "Kings" of the Music World - Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson

Like millions of people around the world I am still in shock over hearing the news of Michael Jackson. It brought back memories of that day in August of 1977 when news broke that Elvis Presley had left this earth. This has been just as shocking.

And just like when Elvis died, I've been obsessed with watching the news for reports about Michael Jackson as well as tuning in to his music and videos. The more I learn about him the more I realize the similariaties between these two great music icons - the former known as the "King of Rock n' Roll" and the latter as the "King of Pop", both "Kings" in the music world. And the similarities doesn't stop there.

Michael Jackson was married to Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley for almost two years during 1994 to 1996. She claims that their marriage was not a "sham" as reported. Rather she says that it was "unusual" and that they both loved each other very much however she admits that the relationship was "too emotionally taxing" which eventually caused their break-up. Now Lisa Marie has revealed in her MySpace blog that her late ex-husband had confided in her that he feared he would die under tragic circumstances just as her father had.

Both "Kings" died at a young age, Elvis was 42 and Michael was 50. The King of Pop was also found unconscious in his home and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful as he was rushed to the nearest hospital and pronounced dead shortly afterwards. Although the exact circumstances of his death remains unclear at this time until completion of toxicology tests it is believed that he also suffered a cardiac arrest like Elvis. Both Elvis and Michael Jackson were preparing to leave on a tour before their deaths. Elvis was scheduled to start his tour the very next day and Michael was just days away from his.

Like Elvis whose life became pretty weird towards the end, Michael's life also had its share of bizarre moments - too numerous to mention here, but his legacy will live on in his music similar to Elvis whose career skyrocketed after his death. The Presley estate is worth millions not only from the sale of his music, but also of merchandises bearing his image, and from the sales of tickets sold for admissions to his Graceland home. Michael Jackson's career will also make a comeback just like he longed for in his life. Within 24 hours of his death the sales of his music alone have already jumped to the top of the retail charts and will continue to climb. And to think that both of these superstars were drowning in debts before their deaths.

It is sad that these two great music icons didn't live long enough to appreciate their worth and to fully enjoy the fruits of their labors or shall I say, great talents, in their golden years.

May they both "Rest in Peace"....



7/27/2009 10:17:22 PM
Dee said:

I am a little tired of seeing this Tale of Two Kings special edition. I agree that there were similarities between the two, but this is Michael's time to be remembered, not Elvis. As interesting as it may be, it's a little offensive too. Elvis has been gone for a long time, and I do not hear his music anywhere on the radio. Michael's music will be heard, downloaded, bought and played until the end of time. Elvis also didn't do half the charity work Michael did, so that comparison was wayyy off. His charity work was carefully selected for "certain" groups of people whereas Michael's was worldwide. So come on.....enough with this comparison, it's getting to be a little annoying.


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